The Ford Escape is Loaded with Safety Technology

The Ford Escape remains a popular choice among people who enjoy owning a crossover. Sufficient space and capability are some of the reasons why consumers choose the Escape. The vehicles are also full of entertainment, communication and safety technologies. Learn more about the options that come with the Escape by seeing them in person at our Ford sales location.

When it happens to rain or snow while traveling down the road, drivers maintain their visibility thanks to the sensors that automatically engage the windshield wipers. If driving at night, sensors turn on the high-beams when needed and turn them off when other vehicles approach in the opposite lane.

If distracted and accidentally veer into the wrong lane, drivers receive visual alerts to make the correction. The vehicle also alerts drivers when a vehicle hovers in the blind spot region. Radar sensors trigger audible and visual alerts should sensors detect approaching vehicles when backing the Escape.



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