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 Ken Garff St. George Ford Lincoln Gains an Allstate Insurance Franchise
Buying a vehicle at the dealership can be very overwhelming. Not only do customers need to work out the details of the car deal, gain proper financing and find a budgeted payment structure that works for them, they also have to worry about intangibles that often cannot be solved within the dealership. One of these obstacles is, of course, gaining insurance. Ken Garff has recently made serious efforts to remedy this issue and after careful planning and consideration, we've come up with a solution, one of our newest additions to the Ken Garff Family:
The Ken Garff Allstate Insurance Agency

The Allstate franchise program has worked in some of our bigger dealerships and we have decided to extend this service to St. George Ford. This Allstate branch offers full service. When purchasing a vehicle, we offer all of our customers to gain a quote with our in-house Allstate agent. This is a no obligation service -- if our agent can't beat your current rate, you are under no commitment to change policies. This ensures that our agents will work doubly hard to get you the rate you deserve, and thus, earn your business.
This approach has been paramount to the success of this program. Most customers are thrilled to work with Allstate, as it often saves them money on insurance payments for a policy that, many times, offers better coverage. In the event that our Allstate branch cannot beat their current rate, customers gain the relief in gaining a complimentary second opinion. It presents a win-win for the customer -- they lose nothing, and oftentimes save a great deal of money.